Arcadian Welsh Mountain Pony Stud, Creswell Ace Of Spades

Arcadian Welsh Mountain Pony Stud :: Creswell Ace of Spades




Welcome to Arcadian Pony Stud. The Stud has relocated to the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales on my new property "Arcadian Run". I have brought all of my breeding stock with me, a very long and interesting journey for the ponies who have settled very well in their new environment.

The Stud began with three broodmares that were purchased form the late Carl Powell of Hackney fame, the three ponies were Rhyl Ophelia, Rhyl Cradel Song and Rhyl Princess. It was Rhyl Princess that went on to produce the most dominant mare-line in the entire stud. I am very thankful for Mark Bullen for allowing the great Waxwing Herod to serve all three of these Rhyl mares, which in turn produced three fillies. The Stud also purchased Imperial Hussar and Weston Park Rebel. The addition of these fine stallions demonstrated great movement and traditional Welsh conformation and consequently produced quality colts and fillies with substance, bone, head and movement. Quality mares were introduced from Osory Stud. I am (again) indebted to Mark Bullen for the loan of Imperial Baledur, a stallion who had some competitive shows with Ace of Spades for the title of Supreme. The introduction of this wonderful horse has seen another leap forward with Creswell Ecstasy who has produced the best line of foals to date.

The future breeding program will be an exciting one with plans to source quality genetic lines from Australia and to import from the northern hemisphere in the near future. I hope that you enjoy your time with my ponies on this website. The Stud welcomes visitors, however an appointment is absolutely essential.

Dr Harry Cooper.